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Siavash Sufinejad was born in 1978 in Tehran. Having graduated from the National Talent Development Organization (SAMPAD), he entered the Faculty of Civil Engineering of Tehran Azad University in 1996, and then in 2001, continued his education in the Faculty of Art and Architecture of Azad University of Tehran, majoring in Architecture and He ended his education with a Doctorate in Philosophy. His academic career started in 2006 when he established the Department of Interior Design and Architecture at a private College. He has attended various Television and radio programs as an architecture and interior design expert. Translating articles, compiling books in the field of decoration, and publishing them in interior design magazines, are of his other activities.
Siavash Sufinejad continues his journalistic activities as a producer, making documentaries from interviewing Iranian designers, artists, and architects, to introduce and support Iranian art, creativity, and culture.
Siavash Sufinejad has been active since 2009 as a designer and producer of furniture. And it has been a while that he is designing and producing decorative objects with his brand “Villasufia”. He also has got 4 medals from the European Product Design Award.
His statement about his motivation and goal is: “Our goal and desire are to work as an international luxury brand. And with this hope, we strive in our field of production, which is designing and producing furniture and lighting objects.
Due to the devaluation of the Rial, we are capable of producing furniture at a reasonable price for the global market. And since we have strong knowledge and industrial foundation in Iran, we are well qualified to cooperate with other countries.
In our way forward, we will persevere with more faith and effort to introduce Iran in the world with the art of the new generation and its culture and background both.”

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