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Siavash Sufinejad was born in 1977 in Tehran. Having graduated from the National Talent Development Organization (SAMPAD), he entered the Faculty of Civil Engineering of Tehran Azad University in 1996, and then in 2001, continued his education in the Faculty of Art and Architecture of Azad University of Tehran, majoring in Architecture and He ended his education in Philosophy. His academic career started in 2006 when he established the Department of Interior Design and Architecture at a private College. He has attended various Television and radio programs as an architecture and interior design expert. Translating articles, compiling books in the field of decoration, and publishing them in interior design magazines, are of his other activities. Siavash Sufinejad continues his alternative journalistic activities as a producer, making documentaries from interviewing Iranian designers, artists, and architects, to introduce and support Iranian art, creativity, and culture.
Siavash Sufinejad, the founder of Villa Sufia, has been working as a designer and manufacturer of furniture, carpets and lighting items by combining traditional Iranian art and modern art since 2008. In addition, with his unique brand, “Villa Sufia” designs and produces interior design elements. In recent years, he has won five gold, silver, and bronze medals at the European Product Design Award in 2019-2023, followed by three awards at the IDA Design Competition in 2021. His artwork “Suspension” recently It was displayed in the “Domus Design – Tehran 2022” exhibition at the Italian Embassy in the presence of Mr. Walter Mariotti, the editor of Domus magazine. This artwork, along with some of his other artworks, was published in the latest issue of Damus magazine, “A look at Iran”. At the end of 2021, Siavash Sufinejad won three awards in Sit Award furniture design in three different areas of sculpture, interior design and furniture design. In 2022, in A’ Design Award, he won three iron medals, one silver Brunswick, as well as three medals of honour in the Master of Architecture award and two artworks by him which won the A’ Design Award medal have been published on the Design Boom website. It is also worth mentioning that in 2023, he won the A’ Design Award gold medal in the field of furniture design as well as one Iron medal.
Villasufia is a design store and art gallery in Shemiran, Tehran. It has a design studio which provides design services to designers and builders. This studio includes various sections such as interior design, furniture design, building design, object design, industrial design, and carpet design. They have a professional engineering team to prepare technical drawings of objects, and in the production department, they also have various workshops such as wood, metal, glass, and fiber.
Having all the facilities, team Villasufia is able to produce some parts of the designs individually and actively cooperates with other teams to design and build various objects. It also has an art gallery collaborating with international artists, in which they also do sculpting.
The main point for Villasufia is the passion for the original design which creates a new line every time, makes each of its projects look varied. Their style is “flexibility and variety in design” at the cost of risking or even challenging new ways.
Due to the fact that Siavash Sufinejad likes to advance the design category, and also his belief in collective wisdom, Villasufia put a lot of energy into teamwork.
Villasufia can produce any design that has been asked, and due to the reasonable cost of production in Iran, this capability has become more and more justifiable. Being able to create with a variety of materials such as fiber, wood, metal in line with modern technology like 3D printing, Villasufia can design and produce all interior objects including furniture, chandeliers, carpets, wallpaper, pianos, billiard tables, etc., not needing ready-made ones, which allow Villasufia to have no design restrictions

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